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I’m proud to say that my daughter has picked up the proverbial wooden spatula and is carrying on the long and well revered tradition of Johnson jam making. A time honored tradition that has been handed down through the generations. I don’t know what kind of volume she pumped put on her first go - but since I’m a little late for the strawberries, I’m hoping maybe she’ll swap me for a jar or two of raspberry or sour cherry? I also know how precious those jars are - and how fast they disappear. Back when the kids were young, I think we went through a jar of jam a week. Quarantine is the perfect excuse to make jam - but don’t wait, because the fresh strawberries and raspberries will be gone in the blink of an eye. If you do miss out - know that blackberries are good in late summer and you can usually find lots to pick for free.

And then of course there are the berries that you dream about - Breckenridge Blueberries! Organic. Local. They never fail to amaze. BONUS: No processing required. Just drop them in freezer bags and you’re done. Thaw as needed, or use directly from the freezer for smoothies. The perfect snack for old and young alike. Personally, the only way they could taste any better, is if you pick them yourself - which I highly recommend as their setting with Mt. Baker in the background is spectacular.

Having relatives in the Okanagan has always meant I could fit in a quick week of “real” summer at least once a year. Which is always nice when “real” summer doesn’t decide to show up here in the Pacific Northwest. But I don’t think I’ll have that option this year, especially when our COVID-19 numbers look so bad south of the 49th parallel. Plan B: I’m scrambling to make plans to get to a beach soon - almost any old beach will do - with prefered temps of over 80. I’ve got the books, the towels, the sunscreen and the cooler. Just add a full tank of gas, a killer playlist, point me west and I’ll be heading into the sunset with not a care in the world. (Okay, maybe I’ll have a few lingering worries).

Don’t let the berries or the summer pass you by. There’s not a better place on the planet to self quarantine. Wash your hands and remember your mask!

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