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Yes, the clock keeps spinning – and here we are in the year 2019. How did that happen? Time stops for no man (or woman). Too bad it’s taken me 58 years to conclude that my procrastination habit is hurting no one but myself. Shoulda – Coulda – But I didn’t. Well no more.

My daughter got me “The 5 Second Journal” for Christmas – she knows what a fan I am of Mel Robbins and her 5-second rule. I am so excited to unleash the power of the is journal/planner. Billed as “the most powerful journal on the planet” it claims to be the “the fastest way to slow down, power up and get s**t done”. Sounds like a winner to me. They even have a page to just do a mind dump. (Note: my dump took a couple of extra pages.)

Mel Robbins – believes you are never going to “feel like it” – never feel like going to the gym, feel like vacuuming, never feel like taking down the Christmas decorations. So just stop, count backward and do it. Seriously, it’s that easy. Still a skeptic? Check out some of her videos on YouTube – there are a lot – but I know her message will resonate with many of you. More importantly, I think her methods and antidotes are highly beneficial.

I have to acknowledge my “Christmas Angel”, Emily Wilson who with a bit of a push got me back to hot yoga over the holidays (Be Real Yoga on Railroad next to the Bagelry) and I couldn’t be more grateful and at the same time, proud of myself. Nothing is harder than trying to find 2 hours to give to your self – especially a single mom with two jobs and two kids at home. But I will also argue that NOTHING FEELS BETTER than walking (although it can feel like floating) out of a 90 min hot yoga class. Curious? 5-4-3-2-1 now make a call and find out when the next class is – and I’ll meet you in the back row. Namaste!

Looking for some family fun this weekend? There are some great Tubing Parks just over the border in Canada. And with no walking back up the hill required, it’s BIG FUN with no equipment required. BONUS: after a day of sledding – everyone sleeps hard. A day in the snow, with fresh air and friends and family - it doesn’t get much better than that.very weird to type.

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