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Got something to share? Guest editorials wanted! Maybe it was the rush to get the kids back to school (complicated by an trip to the doctor’s for a throat/abscess)? Maybe it’s been the realization that summer is quickly coming to a close? Or maybe it’s the simple fact that I’ve got NOTHING when it comes to “thoughts” this week? I guess after 20+ years the simple truth is - I’m brain dead. Okay, maybe not technically. (And my apologies if you have friends/relatives that are). I’m also frantically trying to tie things up so I can break away for 5 days and go up to Kelowna and help my dad get some things squared away. And maybe, the break from routine is just what I need.

Now, in all seriousness – if you’ve got something to share – please email me at tami@echoads.com and I’ll be happy to feature your “blog” in an upcoming issue as a guest columnist.

Before, I bale – I will share one “thought” or at the very least pass along a recommendation for a new series on the Discovery Channel. It’s called “Undercover Billionaire” and it’s one of the most inspiring shows I’ve ever watched. (You can also pull up the first few episodes on YouTube). I don’t want to give away all the fun twists – but a self-made billionaire sets out to prove that the American dream is alive and well. Dropped in an unfamiliar market (Erie, PA) in mid March with only a beater truck, a cell phone with no contacts and $100 – he plans to build a company worth $1 million in 90 DAYS! This is a show every want-to-be entrepreneur should watch as well as anyone who thinks you need connections and money to succeed. Spoiler alert: Not all goes smoothly or as planned. But the beauty is his ability to pivot and change plans. Watch it with your kids, watch it with your friends, – if nothing else it will make for some interesting dinner conversations.

Enjoy, the weather and be grateful you live in one of the most gorgeous corners of the planet. September in the Pacific Northwest is, as always, spectacular!

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Tami Johnson