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The horrific shooting rampage this past week in Christchurch, New Zealand reminds us again just how fragile life is… No person or county is immune from this ‘terrorism’. Countless lives were forever changed and families left grieving in a matter of minutes. This senseless act has left a gentile country now jaded and scarred. I applaud their Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, and their media for deciding to that the gunman will remain unnamed. It will do nothing to console the families and friends of the victims, but it is an admirable choice and one I wish America news outlets would adopt.

I have a dear friend whose daughter and grandchild live in Christchurch and pass the mosque on a regular basis not far from their home. Their city has faced many challenges of late, including some devastating earthquakes, but this is going to have a lasting effect and leave a scar on the entire country. I pray the entire nation will come together and find strength and comfort as a whole. I understand the idea that it’s not the guns that are bad – it’s the people. But I’m not buying it. Maybe it’s because I was raised in Canada? Maybe I’m a hippie at heart? – Peace, Love and Harmony. All I know is that these weapons are not being used to defend and protect. In my perfect utopia – there are no guns!

Meanwhile, back in our almost utopian hamlet of Bellingham we had the first sunny St. Patrick’s Day parade that I can remember, and the warm rays continued to set record temps all week. Which is great, unless you happen to turn on the news and find out how the mid section of the country is being ravaged by floods. You have to be tough to survive a winter like they have and then – this! Turn off the TV, stay off Twitter and you may be okay. As they say, “Ignorance is bliss”.

The good news: There’s still a lot of snow up at Mt. Baker – and I’m told the spring skiing conditions have never been better. So make plans to get up there and enjoy our spectacular backyard. And my nephew Liam Dean turns 19 on the 28th – Happy Birthday big guy!



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Tami Johnson