My Thoughts

What’s your cure? Seems to be the topic of late. The flu has ravaged the country (knock on wood I haven’t succumbed) and people are grasping at straws trying to fix what ails them. Of course the logical train of thought would be to practice “preventative medicine”. Get plenty of rest, eat nutritiously, wash hands – maybe get a flu shot?
But no one what’s to hear that when they are achy nauseated and can’t swallow.

I’ve had two kids down with flu/cold symptoms the past three weeks so I’ve heard it all: Bone broth. Essentials Oils. Antibiotics.
Gargle with salt water. Raw water. Netty Pot. CBD Oil. Charcoal. Apple Cider vinegar. Coconut Oil. Chicken Soup.

If any of these make you feel better – GREAT! But the best remedy might be something that most of us are unwilling to do – REST. Plain and simple – stay home from work/school, Keep hydrated, REST and your body can almost always heal itself. The problem – our society is 24/7 and we never stop moving. Hell, most of us have stressful vacations. Missing 5 days of school/work is an impossible option for most. But if you are sick, I urge you to be that selfish - if you can. Use the time to read and plan how you are going to live a healthier lifestyle, not get run down and prevent this from ever happening again.

Then of course you hear about the 32-year-old yoga teacher who had run to marathons and considered very healthy – got the flu, the pneumonia and 3 days later died. It’s a crapshoot out there. But I plan to roll the dice and show up – cause the future is so incredibly intriguing – I can’t wait to see how things pan out.

Be well.

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Tami Johnson