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February 21, 2020

Leap Year! As a kid I had a good friend who was born on February 29 – and the idea of only being able to truly celebrate your birthday once every four years was crazy. February 28 or March 1 – Do you pick the one that feels good that year? On thing they can count on – they were born under the fish, a Pisces – a water sign! So I guess by nature they are pretty fluid souls and can easily adapt even if it means different birthdays. To all those lucky people who were born on February 29 – I hope you feel special and that this year you make up for the last 3 years and celebrate in style!

On a brighter note – the days are getting shorter and that sun sure feels good. I suspect we will have a few more storms blow through – but the end (Spring) is in sight. Allergies be damned – I can’t wait for the blossoms and flowers. I have vowed to be proactive this season and start taking the Zyrtex allergy medicine early. A while we’re on the topic of good news, I just wanted to formally welcome Maverick Gene Beers to the family. Proud parents Chris and Jacqueline and big brother Xavier are overjoyed. I can’t wait to meet you! Grandma Peggy says you are gorgeous.

News flash: A women from Lynden called me this week and wanted to know if I still had the collection of Martha Stewart LIVING magazines. YUP. I’m so happy to know they are going to a good home. See the echo works!

Later this week a dear friend who has been visiting from New Zealand will be returning to the southern hemisphere. I always promise to write her and keep up to date – but alas my crazy life consumes my days and Jo is left to gather intell from this column that she faithfully reads on line. I hope she knows that whether she’s 300 miles or 3000 miles away – she’s never far from my thoughts. Better still I know she’s only a phone call away if I ever need a calming rational voice or simply a sympathetic ear. Safe travels and God speed Jo. Hope the knee replacement surgery goes well. We will try and keep Dad moving in the right direction and make sure he keeps his BINGO skills sharp. YOU WILL BE MISSED!

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Tami Johnson