My Thoughts

What would I do without techie kids and friends? When my internet/wifi went on the blink this past weekend, I wasn’t too bummed and planned to dive into a new book a friend had dropped off. But I sent an SOS text to my daughter and hoped she might be around and able to come to my rescue. “Be there in 20 minute”, the response was almost too fast. And she gave it a good try - I mean she was so close. If I hadn’t kicked her out and forced her to get out and enjoy the sun - she probably would have figured it out. Instead, a dear old friend who was a going a little stir crazy, came over and “flipped to right switch” as they say. I tell you his name, but he’s a little modest and would probably wish to remain annonoymous. (But know you are both VERY MUCH appreciated). Long story short my wifi/internet was restored and I resumed a weekend of binge watching. Two notable recommendations: “The Wrong Missy” is an hysterical Adam Sandler production with David Spade. Need I say more? The second is a YouTube blogger “Mr Kate” - OMG I want them to come to my place with $300. I know I’m a little late to the “Bloggers” - but I finally now understanding how kids could BINGE WATCH - the content is endless! (and yes an exclamation was warranted).

But what about the book? “Gracelin O’Malley” is the first in a three part book series by local Bellingham author Ann Moore. How cool is that? This is an historical novel set in nineteenth century Ireland - and even though I’m only a little over half-way though - I’m hooked - and anxious to plow through the next SEVERAL decades. I think my next big splurge will be and ipad or kindle so I can start reading ebooks (I miss the library). Again - the content is endless!

For sanity sake I have been trying to take this pandemic one day at a time. But I confess to being guilty of dreaming of a day when I can get away - even if it’s only a small road trip - and spend some quality time on a remote beach. The Olympic penninsula is calling me. I’ve never rented an airbnb - but the idea is so compelling and (I’m feeling a theme going here) the options are endless!

Slowly businesses are starting to reopen (with safety changes) and slowly advertisers are coming back - but we have had a hit to sales - and I would very much appreciate you supporting the businesses that advertise in this paper. Without them there is no ECHO. And thanks for your loyal readership, because without you there’d be no advertisers. Kind of a chicken and egg thing. Needless to stay, we are in this together - and with a little patience, fortitude and common sense - we will see a better day.

Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. I will miss the parade down Cornwall and the Ski to Sea Race. The spring of 2020 - a season in time that we won’t soon forget.


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Tami Johnson