My Thoughts

There are a lot of analogies flying around about the global pandemic. Some better than others. The one that stood out for me: “Our parents/grandparents went to war for us and didn’t question their call to duty. We are being asked to sit at home on our couch for two weeks and do nothing - and yet there are still complainers. Please heed the warnings of experts and stay home as much as possible - so that we can get ahead of the curve and get control of this invisible threat.

Where’s the money? There are many of us (myself included) who will face financial hardships as the pandemic and economic downturn takes its course. Please don’t assume that you’ll get a check direct deposited in a few weeks from the President. (“...really Tami, I heard him say it..”). Don’t panic. Use common sense. WAsh your hands. Be resourseful. Spend wisely. You’d be surprised how far a 20lb bag of potatoes, a big box of oatmeal and some peanut butter can stretch. And of course you could always look to eat what you already have in your cupboards. But we’re not there yet. Yes it’s scary when the shelves are bare. But the supply chain is fine and stores will be restocked soon. It is vital for you to support local business in anyway you can. And like those who came before us - we shall overcome.

My dad gave me a little hostory lesson during our weekly Sunday morning call last week. He reminded me of an flu epidemic that took place around 1915 (not a time when information was easily spread). It claimed 50-100 million lives around the world. And yet we rarely hear about it. But we learned much about vaccinations and maybe that’s why the medical field feels so strongly about them? Maybe we could do a little research in out down time about how previous generations struggled? Maybe we’ll eventually get to a place of appreciation for all our blessings.

Stay strong ECHO READERS and wash your hands!

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Tami Johnson