My Thoughts

Yes it’s a New Year/Decade – but before I go all in on a fitness regime/lifestyle I’m focused on clearing out the clutter. That’s right every drawer and file cabinet is getting emptied and the purging had begun. I started a shredding pile, Goodwill box and the good old ‘dump’ pile. Sadly, too much of my ‘stuff’ is labeled “no one needs that”. Case in point my collection of Martha Stewart Living magazines starting with her first in the Winter of 1990 thru 2010. I’ve conceded that I am not using them (the have not been touched in 10 years) – that is fact. But I still feel like someone out there is ECHOland NEEDS these! Any takers? Here’s my offer. I will hold onto the MSL collection for 2 more weeks – if no one claims them – they’ll be in the recycling bin. (Leave message here at the ECHO 360-738-3246). They really do have great information and recipes. I know –you can find everything on the Internet.

In between cleaning out file cabinets and drawers I did catch the “Greatest of All Time” Jeopardy shows – what fun. I know James would have loved to give Ken a better run for his money – but I think all three contestants had a great time. And of course the new seasons on This Is Us and Grace & Frankie have kept me entertained when we were iced in. Next to conquer – the closets – and all the clothes I think I’m going to fit again. Of course everyone who has ever lost a substantial amount of weight knows - the best part - is buying new clothes. I’m sure I’ll get better as I continue to de-clutter. Some people say you should edit you closet monthly. Which sounds crazy given I’ve coming across things I’ve had since before I was married! The upside: maybe after all that sorting I just might be inspired to make those photo albums. Yes it’s true – my kids don’t even have baby albums!

That cold snap was a bit unexpected. These storms never seem to be well timed. Five days of missed school followed by a 3-day weekend is not fun for parents or teachers. But, as the old saying goes: Don’t Mess with Mother Nature. My son graduates high school in June and I fear that will be a very long month indeed. Being that he’s 18 – he could care less about June – he is only focused on the snow forecast for the weekend at Baker. To he and his friends I say: Enjoy these precious last few months of being a “dependent child’ – ‘cause the reality of adulthood is coming fast.

Now the burning question: How many is too many storage bins? I think I’m going to try and cap them at 15 (I have 9 now). Of course the goal is not to just organize the ‘stuff” but to actually get rid of most of it – especially that which I have not used in the past 10+ years. A friend suggested I walk around with a garbage bag every other day – and just fill it up and take the old sheets, blankets, coats etc to Value Village. At least I can hope that some one out there will find a use for all my ‘treasures’ – which ironically probably came from Goodwill/Value Village in the first place. Recycling X 2!ing I have realized over the years as I've watched friends and family visit various corners of the world - it really just takes one simple decision - say it with me, "I'm going to ______." From there the ball starts rolling and before you know it, you're on top of a camel with a mouthful of dust. I also know, that as beautiful as the landscape and scenery can be, it's the people that you meet along the journey that stick with you - and ultimately remind you that were not that different after all.

Safe travels!

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Tami Johnson