My Thoughts

“Baby it’s cold out there” – and sunny! But no precipitation means no skiing – and that is not sitting well with my son. Patience is not his virtue. I love a snow covered winter wonderland as much as the next person, but prefer that it stay in the higher elevations.

Santa is in the air, and kids everywhere are working to stay on his nice list. Meanwhile, parents are working to just get the list made. As my mom used to say, Christmas comes whether you’re ready or not.

As I write this, I’m thinking of my baby sister, who’s not much of a baby anymore. She turns 44 today – which is a bit surreal since I remember waiting with my 5 siblings to get the call from dad (on the land-line in our kitchen) to find out if “it” was a boy or a girl. Gender reveals were not in vogue back then. “She” was a surprise and blessing from the first day. I couldn’t be more proud of the woman and mother she’s become. Pam is passionate, caring, fun and tough as nails. It’s funny how after the passing of time, I find myself going to her for advice and insight. She’s an inspiration for sure – yes her decorations are up already and I’m told the fairy lights are simply magical. All I can say is “You go girl!”

Last weekend, big sis did find a tree last weekend with a FREE sign on it. I pulled over and determined in could fit in the back of my car. The old guy who was getting rid of it said that the lights worked – SCORE! I got it home and into the house. It was a little dusty and had a few spider webs, but nothing a good vacuum couldn’t fix. Then we plugged it in and only half lit up. Dang. After a little jiggling we got everything going but the top 2 feet. (Easy fix – I’ve got an extra strand of lights to fill in the top). Feeling pretty good about the tree I got busy pulling all the decorations out of the basement – and that’s when the Christmas miracle happened. I came into the living room and the WHOLE tree was sparkling with lights. (I think it just needed a little time to settle in and warm up). And I must say, it looks fabulous. I can’t believe I didn’t get an artificial tree years ago. Then we had the windstorm that fell a few branches in the park so I was able to get some greenery for swags on the front porch. Yes, I’m feeling pretty smug about my budget conscious decorations. Let’s hope I can keep my other holiday spending in check as well.

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