My Thoughts

As I write this I’m thinking about my mom. She passed away four years ago – and although the sadness has subsided the void is still there. We were raised in Canada – but she was a proud Texan (even though she was born in Sweetgrass, Montana) – and was always reminding us of our American heritage. (Her brother was a Marine in WWII, her great uncle was one of the first Texas Rangers and she loved John Wayne.) So we were conditioned to believe that Americans were the end all and be all. She was a devout and proud patriot to the end – even though she formally became a Canadian citizen a few years before she died. I got to thinking about this as we head into the Fourth of July and I wondered how she would feel about the current state of the union.

Then my daughter went up to visit her grandpa this past week and she said it was embarrassing to even admit that she was from the United States. My answer to her, “it’s not the president that defines the country – it’s the people in it. You need to act as an ambassador.” But at the same time, the news (fake or not) is so disheartening that I’m very much considering canceling my cable and adopting the philosophy of “ignorance is bliss”. Maybe I’ll just focus my energies on my little five-mile radius. Imagine how nice it would be if every one decided to treat their neighbors (literally those to your lefty and right) as they would like to be treated. Simple. Civil. Humane.

On a happier note – the weather has been spectacular – the berries are in full swing. A day at the beach (Birch Bay at low tide? Lake Samish Park?) sounds like the perfect way to spend an afternoon. The idea leaving the county to go on a vacation – seems simply ridiculous.

Enjoy the sun – and your stay-cation!

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Tami Johnson