44 yr old amputee looking for cheap weedeater or push mower can't afford alot. 360-201-2913

A 1 to 2 bedroom; 1 bath full kitchen in the Whatcom County area 360-599-2643

Bathtub stool: Senior is looking for adjustable height bench or stool for bathtub. Low price or free. 360-676-4266

College student looking for used ladies scooter 55cc 360-441-4366

Cowgirl needs place in county to rent for trailer and pets. Barn/Shop must have power/elec & bathroom. Will work some trade for rent. 360-441-4366

Encyclopedia set: prefer Britanica or others. Old ones are fine. Free or very low price. 360-676-4266

FREE natural gas stove for Ferndale American Legion. Also a tank less hot water heater. 360-384-7474

I am in my 40s, single male, wanting company. Contact me for details. 360-603-6762

I buy Harley-Davidson basket cases, projects, parts lots, memorabilia, and manuals. Cash paid. 360-551-4474

I need someone to set up a fund me account for a tiny house trailer 360-966-4553

Individual to pull weeds at senior condo. in Bellingham About 2hrs on call - $25/hour 360-392-6795

John Deere riding mower STX 38 for parts 360-201-6842

Looking for camper 1966 Ford Camper Special Good condition 360-676-8159

Looking for hardwood any size for turning projects can pay for delivery 360-595-3558

Looking for old Baseball Digests from the 1960's, 70's and 80's. Call Randy 360-734-5056

My Country woodstove needs a chimney and 'heat-shield' installed in metal-clad garage/studio. Recycled parts preferred... 360-734-0889

Old video games, looking for nintendo sega etc, will pay cash! thanks 360-483-6438

Older couple, my wife wants a young female beagle to a good home 360-966-4553

Refridgerator (no amonia) to fit a travel trailer. Please leave message, I will return your call. 360-441-4366

Retiree looking for old car project for parts or to restore. Will look at any condition. CASH No texts. 360-393-1547

Squirmy cat needs groomer. Cat has never bit, scratched, but is quite a contortionist 360-220-9464

TYPEWRITER: Senior, seeking good, working non-electric or simple electric. "Cursive" type would be ideal. LOW PRICE 360-676-4266

Wanted: 2 quart canning jars 360-384-5595

WANTED: Anyone with a broken cell phone... Call EPIC PHONE REPAIR: We fix cell phones... Better, Faster & Cheaper - Who says you can't be all three? NEW location just east of I-5 exit 266 @ 2010 Grandview Road #C Ferndale 360-306-0393

Wanted: Chevy, hightop van - good shape. Clean. 81-90 NO JUNK. $800-$1200 - and well worth it! Thanks friend. 360-441-0021

WANTED: oil fired steam and water boiler furnace 360-966-5185

WANTED old video games! looking for nintendo and sega stuff will pay cash! 360-383-6930

Wanted: Volkswagen Beetle Tow Bar call John 360-354-8360

Warehouse People, Truck drivers don't throw away Anti Skid Mats will haul away for free 360-384-4741

We pay CASH for cars paid for or not. Call 360-738-8000

Young, hardworking male looking to turn over a new leaf. Call anytime - willing and able to work. 360-920-9254