Black Forest (German) 8 day Cuckoo Clock Height 4 foot Call daily 360-383-0961

Book "The Ship's Chrometer" by Marvin Whitney 360-383-0961

Instructions in knife throwing. Please call Bob Anytime 360-383-0961

Jack Higgens paper back books. Any quantities - pay cash delivered. Retired reader. 360-383-0961

Looking for a home 1 bedroom on disability have service animal perfer outside of town. 971-212-5668

Looking for old Baseball Digests from the 1960's, 70's and 80's. Call Randy 360-734-5056

Mini bike frame with forks. The cheaper the better! Name your price! 360-920-6016

Need space for 26ft RV under $400. No texts. 360-220-9676

Old hippie wants free VW bug rust free easy restore for grand son. 360-966-4553

Old video games, looking for nintendo sega etc, will pay cash! thanks 360-483-6438

Open-minded accepting friends for the same in me. Almost no limits in lifestyles, only open-minded. 360-603-6762

Replacing lost reference books. Hard bound on clocks, watches and guns. Call Bob 360-383-0961

Squirmy cat needs groomer. Cat has never bit, scratched, but is quite a contortionist 360-220-9464

Trade 15 hours/week personal assistant and pet-sitting for shelter for me and my quiet chihuahua. 360-602-1116

WANTED: Anyone with a broken cell phone... Call EPIC PHONE REPAIR: We fix phones.. Better, Faster & Cheaper - Who says you can't be all three? NOW offering military grade WATERPROOFING for phones starting at $31. Located in downtown Bellingham, kiddy corner from Little Cheerful on the SE corner of Holly & Railroad at 202 E. Holly #114 (1/2 block north of Jimmy John's) 360-306-0393

WANTED old video games! looking for nintendo and sega stuff will pay cash! 360-383-6930

Warehouse People, Truck drivers don't throw away Anti Skid Mats will haul away for free 360-384-4741

We pay CASH for cars paid for or not. Call 360-738-8000