Arne Hanna Aquatic Center is always looking for volunteers. 1114 Potter St. Bellingham, Call Lori Jacobson for more info 360-778-7665

Growing Veterans: We exist to end the isolation that leads to veteran suicide. Our mission is to empower military veterans to grow food, community and each other. Dirt Therapy - combining veteran reintegration with local organic farming. Find out how you can volunteer, call 360-445-2399

Rare opportunity for 2 good people. We have grown exotic fruits/veggies near Lynden for nearly 50 years. Looking for volunteers who are energetic and want to improve their living conditions. Interested in farming? We offer $200/mo plus room & board +. Free high speed internet & cable. Conditions: No tabocco smoking. No alcohol. No drugs except for cannabis. Must respect animals & nature. No stress from outside prodlems & bills. No political, religeous, theological dogma, please. We hope for a year commitment after you visit the farm. Questions? Please call 360-778-2582 or 360-398-9351