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Dedicated senior catholic lady seeking loving relationship with senior man. No anger, or mental illness. 360-255-8459

GWM mid 40's looking for companion. Text 360-815-7547. Ask for Rick. More info to come - just text or call

I LOVE a fresh home-cooked meal! The Lil'Nut Cafe & Diner at 330 Cherry St in Sumas (next to the IGA) is my new favorite. Open every day for breakfast, lunch & dinner - with comfort food till the cows come home. XXOO 360-812-6471

Love u Shanelly, David , Darrell, Judy, Kayla, Kristen and Pat - HR

Matchmaker Seeking 50-65 great woman to match with a loving man! 360-201-5316

A senior man? Are you wanting to meet a nice, caring, senior woman? I'm waiting to hear from you. I am very healthy and ambitious. I have many interests and always want to be close and loving. Please write a note with your phone number. I will call you promptly. I am waiting for you. P.O. Box 28055, Bellingham, WA 98228

Spunky, slender woman, 74, not ugly. Likes reading & movies. Worked professional position. Repy to: P.O. Box 834, Deming, WA 98244

Who do you love? 360-447-6602